Most Popular Sports To Bet On Online

Online sports betting has become a mainstay for any avid punter. With literally billions of dollars bet every year through online sportsbooks, it beggars the question. What are the most popular sports to bet on online? In the below we will highlight the most popular sports to bet on and what makes them a good decision for your bet.


Football is currently the most bet on sport in the world. With over half a billion people who avidly watch football, not only is it an extremely entertaining game but also serves as a great opportunity to place a bet. Betting on a sport you love is always easier as research is almost never a challenge. Another factor leading to the massive popularity of football in the betting world is the sheer quantity of games.

Professional leagues from all over the world guarantees a match worth betting on nearly every day of the year, majority of days have several matches lining up together. While it would never be recommended to stretch yourself that thin between all the different leagues available, it is nice to know that an opportunity will always be available should the urge to place a bet arise.

Horse Racing

The original betting sport, horse racing is still one of the most popular betting sports available. With hundreds of different races taking place throughout the year, horse racing supplies a true 24/7 betting experience. Unlike football, with the narrower field of participants, research should be easier and with proper research should come your next win. For some years horse racing has been seen as a more elite betting with high stakes. However, with the addition of online betting, horse racing has become accessible by anybody, be it professional level or just for fun.


This one may come as a surprise to many, but tennis is currently the third most popular sport to bet on globally. With defined matches, consistent players and consistent events, tennis may be one of the more profitable betting sports for any bettors. The consistency here is key as it can make well researched predictions a lot more accurate. Tennis betting has brought a lot to the sports betting world as live, in play, betting had its first major push in tennis. While in play betting is popular in all sports today, it is still extremely prominent in tennis and can greatly aid your betting result.


While currently not one of the four biggest betting sports available, Esports betting is quickly on the rise and likely to take its spot on the top five betting sports soon. With countless leagues in a variety of different games being played, there is something in Esports for everybody to enjoy. Consistent players and an alarmingly wide variety of bets promise great value with bets that can be won, given enough research and knowledge of the game and teams. If you intend on getting into sports betting, Esports is a great place to start.