All About Cowra Cup Entertainment

The Cowra Cup is held in the town of the same name, which is found in the Central West region of New South Wales. It is the council seat for the Cowra Shire and the largest population area in the region. Located only 310 kilometres from the state capital of Sydney and with several tourist attractions, it has become a premier getaway spot for busy city dwellers. One of the most popular events in the area is the Cowra Cup.

What to do in Cowra

Cowra is on the banks of the Lachlan River, nestled in the Lachlan Valley, and its soil has given rise to a huge viticultural industry. The grapevines were first planted in the 1970s, and started with a focus on Chardonnay. Today several of varieties, including Verdelho and Shiraz, have flourished and there are several successful vineyards in the area, including a few who specialise in organic wine. Country pubs, wine tours, and other fine dining experiences will help tourists to indulge in the gifts of the vine. There are also several museums and art galleries, an observatory and some sites of great historical significance. These are related to both World Wars, with a special focus on honouring fallen soldiers and prisoners of war. Interested visitors can check out the Peace Bell, a prisoner of war campsite, a Japanese cemetery, a Friendship Monument between Cowra and Italy and the Japanese Memorial Gardens which honour the Italian and Japanese prisoners of war who fell in this region during World Wat II. A trip to see the Cowra Cup will be well-complemented by all of these diverse attractions.

The Cowra Cup

The Cup is managed by the Cowra Jockey Club, whose home is the city’s racecourse and showgrounds. Formed in 1878, the Jockey Club has a long and proud history. The track has a 1500 metre circumference and a 300 meter home straight, making for exciting ends to the races. January’s Cowra Cup is not the only meet which is held here; enthusiasts also come out to watch the Diggers Cup, the Winter Cup and more. The Jockey Club puts on a very festive atmosphere, with several events including a Fashions of the Field competition complementing the racing action.

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