Employment boosted by Canadian Casinos

Canadian Casinos and Employment

The Canadian casino industry is considered the largest and most significant entertainment sector in the country, and has become a massive part of the nation’s economy.

There is no doubt that many thousands have benefited from the popularity of casinos in the country, and some believe that the industry has, in fact, boosted the national employment and increased job rates.

To find out whether this is true or not, we will have to understand how the casino industry impacts the economy, where it began, and what kind of future it has in terms of laws and regulations set by the government.

Latest Employment Research

As of 2008, a huge, nationwide study was undertaken to understand how employment and the casino industry are connected. The findings were surprising, and generally show how casinos have had a positive affect on Canada as a whole.

The study showed that up to 135000 Canadians were directly employed in the casino industry, a huge number, and one that has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Factoring the total impact, however, including those that play and those that work in the industry, the number can be increased to over 260000. This equates to over $11 billion in labour income, which includes wages and salaries.

It should be noted that this study is almost a decade old, and no new studies have been undertaken since. It is fair to assume that these numbers have grown, and the casino industry has continued to provide employment for Canadian citizens.

Modern Employment in Canada

Today, there is still a large industry for employment in the casino world, and a search online will result in plenty of available jobs on offer. The biggest call at the moment is within Ontario, which is the gambling capital of the country. This is also where the largest employment rate is, and thousands flock the city every year to try and secure a job.

On top of this, the online and mobile industry is booming as an enormous rate. Programmers, online operators, and salesmen are in bigger demand than ever before, and the industry is now extending beyond just land-based casinos, to online and mobile casinos Canada offering casino bonuses to players in the region.

All in all, the study shows that the casino industry provides a huge $15 billion towards the national economy, as well as another $10 billion towards construction as more casinos are built in major centres.

Along with the games and casinos themselves, the industry also provides income to the food and service industries thanks to restaurants and other services found in the casinos. This is additional to the mobile industry services, such as mobile device sales, network operations, and the overall sales of technology.

In Conclusion

With all the evidence in question, there is no doubt that the casino industry in Canada has provided massive growth to the economy, entertainment, and service sectors.

Over two decades it has quickly become one of the biggest industries in the country, and has little to no signs of slowing down at any rate.