eSports Betting Tips for New Zealand Punters

When eSports betting was first introduced it operated under the sports banner and was subsequently derided for doing so, however, today the activity has and continues to become more and more ingrained in mainstream society worldwide.

New Zealand punters now have the opportunity to engage in some great eSports betting action, which is ultimately when individuals place bets on the outcomes of online video games tournaments. The gambling community has essentially realised just how much force there is behind these tournaments and have increasingly started to move toward getting in on the action.

Today, the eSports betting events that take place bring in pools greater than 10 million dollars and broadcasts for eSports are now known to be among the most viewed on the internet and around the world.

A Brief Overview

The basic explanation for eSports betting is any sort of activity that invites players to wager on an event where various players compete in video games.

The number of games that are used for these competitions is extensive and varied, and these have ultimately created multiple markets that a great many have come to enjoy. From FIFA to  League of Legends, there are millions of fans that eagerly tune in to watch their best-loved games played at an exceptionally skilled level.

In fact, eSports betting has accomplished an ability to bring big numbers of viewers that cover a variety of interests under one virtual roof is what has ultimately caught the attention of odds makers, as well as advertisers.

Major eSports Betting Events

eSports betting is possible for Kiwi punters pretty much throughout the year, with numerous games and leagues taking place worldwide. Punters will find that there are many that will feature seasonal formats, much like sports leagues, however, not all of them will bring in enough interest to be included at sportsbooks.

Some of the tournaments that do appear include the International, which focuses on the game of Dota 2 and brings in some of the largest pools the internet has ever seen, as well as the Smite World Championships that showcases the relatively new game Smite by Hi-Rez Studios.

Lastly, the most commonly found competition to engage in eSports betting is the League of Legends World Championship that stars the immensely popular League of Legends game.

Where to Bet

Finding a good, trustworthy and beneficial esports betting sites to get involved in the finest eSports betting action is not as intimidating of a task as it appears to be, with many sites dedicated to directing punters in New Zealand and those engaging in mobile betting in India, to the finest sportsbooks that offer great betting options, odds, security and more.

Sites that promote eSports betting aside, punters simply need to ensure that they are clued up on legal requirements and whether the site they are interested in fulfils them and whether they have a good reputation online.

Punters are also encouraged to consider the banking options suit their needs, what bonuses are involved with joining a particular sportsbook and, of course, what they offer in terms of eSports betting.