Great IPL Cricket Betting Tips

IPL is the world’s most popular cricket league with great matches, fantastic coverage and the best line up of teams. If you would like to start betting on cricket, there is no better place to start than the IPL. Below is a few tips to help make your IPL betting experience a more successful one.

Game Knowledge

As with all sports betting, knowledge of the game is vital. Fortunately cricket, especially in the T20 Format is exciting and easy to follow. Be sure to learn the rules and regulations surrounding cricket. It can be of great help if you really enjoy the game. Before you start betting watch as much as you can and try do so with others who know the game already. This will go a long way in helping you understand the bets you make. A bet you know well is likely to be more profitable.

The Right Sportsbook

After finding a few sportsbooks that you know are trustworthy, Keep three to five sportsbooks on your roll at any time. Shopping for the best odds and finding value in your bets will be extremely important in becoming a profitable sports bettor. Even if you have the best winning bets, it is of no use if there is no value to your bets. Shop around for odds and find the best available to you for any particular event or individual bet. Sports betting is never just about sheer win rate, winning the right bets can increase your profitability by a large margin.


This can be a bit more difficult for any new bettors as it does entail a lot of work, this work can make the difference between being profitable or not. There are a few key aspects that are recommended to research in the IPL.

  • History – Through any sports betting, history will be one of the most important factors to research. Learn the results from the last 3 years as standings don’t often drastically change. The history will give you a good idea of the outcome and highlight specific teams to watch and do more research on.
  • Teams – When history is properly researched, it will usually highlight two to four teams to keep a close eye on. Watch these teams closely as the practice and play test matches, any current weakness or strength in a team stands to change the outcome of a game considerably.
  • Conditions – Always be sure to check the prevailing conditions of not only the weather, but the kind of pitch that is being played on. Different pitch surfaces can favour different bowlers, which in turn will favour certain batsmen. Weather can also have a large effect to players on the field. Cricket is generally not played if raining, but temperature can be a great tell to a team’s performance on a certain day.

Money Management

In all betting money management is key, so stick to your bank roll. Live bets are great for hedging bets or doubling down but make previsions for them in your initial capital. Never bet beyond your financial ability.